Caribbean Poker Game

The Caribbean Poker game is for all intents and purposes a heads up poker game between you and the casino, the aim of the game is for you to simply end up with a better hand than the dealer. The game comes with an additional side bet wager which you can make and by placing this bet you will open up a range of additional bonus payouts based around a progressive jackpot.

Caribbean Poker Casino Game

About The Caribbean Poker Game

To start a game of Caribbean Poker you first need to place what is called an Ante onto the table, the minimum amount is 1.00 and the maximum amount is 300.00. This Ante is required to begin the game and whilst placing this wager you can also place the additional side bet wager which costs you 1.00.

Once you have placed your Ante wager you then click deal and you are given 5 cards, you must study these cards and decide whether the hand is strong enough to beat the dealers unseen hand, if you think it is then click Raise, and you now have to place another wager that is double the Ante amount to play this hand.

If you do not like your hand you can Fold, if you fold you will lose your Ante wager and your cards will be removed from the table and the game is over. If you Raise your wager then your hand will be compared to the dealers hand and if the strongest hand will win, however if the dealers hand does not qualify, which means it does not contain an Ace and King or higher then you will get paid out at odds of even money on your Ante wager and your Raise is simply returned to you.

However should the dealer qualify and your hand contains any of the special hands listed on the pay table then you will get paid out at the odds listed. The side bet wager will also payout a percentage of the progressive jackpot should you get dealt certain hands combinations.

Where To Play The Caribbean Poker Game

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