Casino War Game

The Casino War game will not confuse you with a list of rules, as all you have to do is get a better card than the dealer does, you will be dealt one card and so will the dealer and if your card is higher then you have won the game, how easy it that! Look out for this fast paced non complicated casino card game when you next log on to play it should keep you entertained for hours, especially if you are winning!

Casino War Casino Game

About The Casino War Game

The Playtech Casino War game you can see above is played using 6 decks of playing cards, which will always be fully shuffled before a new game commences. All of the card values are in order, so therefore a two is the lowest card and an Ace is the highest. You could, should you wish, place a wager on the hand being a Tie this wager if successful it pays 10 to 1.

The Casino War game found in any of our Playtech casinos has a minimum stake per game of just 1.00 or if you want to crank up the stakes and high roll then the maximum permitted wager per hand is 200.00. You can of course play for free or for real money at any casino listed on our site.

Simply pick your preferred stake and then click deal and then one card is dealt to you face up and then the dealer is dealt one card, the highest card wins. However should both cards be of the same value then you go to war. Should you have placed a Tie wager then at this point you are paid out.

To go to war you need to place another wager on the table of the same value as your original wager and then the dealer will burn three cards and then deal you and himself another card, the highest card wins, and you will only get paid on the raise wager at odds of even money if your hand wins.

Where To Play The Casino War Game

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