Craps Game

The Craps game is played with a couple of dice and the game offers you quite a large number of different betting options, if you are well versed in the art of playing Craps then we think you will appreciate the game offered by Playtech as it has excellent graphics, easy to navigate game controls and of course comes with some excellent pay backs and payouts.

Craps Casino Game

About The Craps Game

The Craps game shown above can be played at any of our featured Playtech powered online casinos in either a free play mode or a real money mode. The stake levels can of course be fully adjusted by players and the minimum wager permitted is just 1.00 and the maximum permitted wager on each game played is 200.00.

The casino game of Craps is used with two dice which are tossed and the totals of the upwards facing sides of the dice are used as the basis for the game. A game of Craps is made of several different parts and these all come with different betting opportunities.

The first part of the game of Craps is called a Come Out Roll and then the game progresses, if a seven is not rolled in to a phase known as Establishing a Point, this is basically where you have to try and roll in the initial number again before a seven is rolled in.

Many players are put off playing Craps as it can look, at first glance, and a very complicated casino game due to the games' playing style and the multiple betting propositions which can come into play. All of our featured Playtech casinos have full, in-depth help files to help you get your head around how the game plays and pays.

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