Sicbo Game

The Sicbo game is played with three dice and after they have been thrown it is the totals of the upward facing sides of the dice which will be the result of the game, and this means there are a huge number of different betting opportunities that are available to you on each toss of the dice, and as you can see below there are plenty of choices to choose from!

Sicbo Casino Game

About The Sicbo Game

The Sicbo game shown above can be played for a minimum stake of just 1.00 or for a maximum wager per game of 300.00. To place a wager simply click to place your chips on the selected area, and then click the Roll button, the dice will be thrown and the outcome will be known once they finally come to a rest.

The basic wager is either the Small wager which covers all the numbers from 4 to 10, or the Big wager covers all number from 11 to 17. Both these wagers pay even money if they are successful and will lose should a triple be rolled in even if it is one of the numbers covered in the wager i.e. triples 2's will lose on the Small wager and triple 3's will lose on the Big wager.

The best paying wager will return 180 chips to a one chip wager and this is by you picking a triple and then having it rolled in. You could cover any triple being rolled in and this wager will return 30 chips for a one unit stake. Another high paying wager which pays 10 chips for a one unit wager is the any double bet.

You can also wager on any one number individually or you may prefer to pick any combination of two numbers to be rolled in. You can of course pick more than wager on each game, and play any amount up to the maximum bet on any of your selections.

Where To Play The Sicbo Game

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