Casino Classic

The Casino Classic is part of the Casino Rewards Group of online casinos. They are powered by Microgaming software and are currently offering a huge bonus to all new casino players.

Casino Classic


Top Slots at Casino Classic

It's time to enter the Colisseum and face the lions . Be blessed by the Vestal Virgins and you may make it through in one piece. Enlist the help of the Gladiators in this exciting 5 reel slot and you could walk away with the Glory of Rome.

Ancient Baghdad is the place to be in this lively 5 reel slot. You're after the Golden Goose Genie's Gems so grab his lamp and give it a rub, he's got to grant your three wishes so make them count. But beware he might scatter you to the winds if you don't play it cool.

The eagle is flying high and the beautiful Indian maid has her eyes on you. Smoke the pipe of peace and see if you can find the Golden Goose Totem Treasure and claim her hand. In this way out west 5 reel slot there's a big prize hidden among the teepees and totem poles.

It's a battle of wits in this exchange of enchantments, and to come out top you have to be one of the Golden Goose Winning Wizards. In this magical 5 reel slot, you need all the spells you can muster to help you gain the golden prize. Whisper the words and wave your wand, and the treasure could be yours.

The tambourines are tinkling, the fiddler is fiddling and the Gypsy Queen is here to tell you your fate. Cross her palm with silver, and maybe she will lead you to the gold in this scintillating 5 reel slot. But tread carefully, once you enter her gypsy caravan you may not escape lightly.

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