Vegas Country Casino

The Vegas Country Casino is part of the Casino VIP Lounge Group of online casinos. They are powered by Microgaming software and are currently offering a huge bonus to all new players.

Vegas Country Casino


Top Slots at Vegas Country Casino

There's a right royal prize to be won in this rousing regal 5 reel slot. The Kings and Queens are holding court and are here to show you the way to the big jackpot. Can you prove your worth and claim the crown jewels for your own.

The sand is warm, the sea is inviting, the sun is hot and the lifeguard is hotter still. It's a hard having fun when Life's A Beach. Splash out on this sun-baked 5 reel slot and you could be taking home the hottest jackpot.

It gleams, it glistens, it glitters, it glows. It's Liquid Gold and it could be yours. In this scintillating 5 reel slot a twinkling treasure awaits the person who can line up the right reels and make the precious metal flow.

There's a hot scoop, there's a new player in town and he's winning big. This is the Lucky News Network reporting your big jackpot prize. Play this 5 reel slot and the latest big headline they could be reporting is your top prize win.

It's written in the stars that you could be a coming into a fortune. Whatever your sign, the zodiac is zignalling your good luck and could be foretelling your fortune. So thank your Lucky Stars, and spin the reels in this star-gazing 5 reel slot.

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