Free Spin Slot Games

In the mid to late 1990's the very first video slot machines that offered the player the chance of triggering a free spins bonus round began to appear online, and even though these kind of slots have multiplied in numbers to the stage where there are several hundreds available online today, the original free spins slots are still some of the most popular ones played even to this day.

The game play structure of a free spin slot is quite straight forward, you play the base game as normal until such a time as you spin in, usually three or more scatter symbols, once you manage this you are awarded with a set number of free spins that often play out on a special multiplier. Some slots give you the chance of re-triggering thee free spins or winning addition free spins as they play out.

Below we have listed a wide variety of different types of free spin slots, for additional information and a selection of each free spin slot grouping simply follow the links below and we will show you several slot games of that particular type, we have also listed some excellent online casinos and slot sites where you can play any of these excellent free spin slots.

Slots That Award 10 and 15 Free Spins

10 Free Spin Slot GamesThere are no shortage of slot games that can award you with 10 Free Spins in fact these are the most common types of free spins offered, they usually come with multipliers that will double or treble any and all winning combinations that spin in during the free spins round.

15 Free SpinSlot GamesThe older more popular video slot games are renowned for awarding you with 15 Free Spins many of them will also let you have the chance of re-triggering the free spins should you happen to spin in another set of scatter symbols whilst playing out the free spins already awarded.

Slots That Award 20 and 25 Free Spins

20 Free SpinSlot GamesMore and more online slots will give you the chance of hitting a free spins bonus round that can reward you with 20 Free Spins, which as any savvy slot player will know gives you more than a sporting chance of some decent sized winning spins.

25 Free SpinSlot GamesThe slot machines online that award 25 Free Spins will usually only give you this many free spins if you spin in more than three scatter symbols, often, at least four is required to get this number of free spins, however some do offer you twenty five free spins for getting the minimum number of scatters appearing.

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Slots That Award Big Multiplier Free Spins

Big Multiplier Free Spin SlotsMany players prefer to play online slots that whilst not offering the biggest number of free spins instead offer Big Multipliers which, when the reels start to spin your way during the free spins round can reward you with some extremely large winning payout combinations as the free spins round plays out.

Slots That Award Random Multiplier Free Spins

Random Multiplier Free Spin SlotsFor added winning potential some free spin slots will offer you a set number of free spins, however the slot will award you with Random Multipliers at the completion of each winning free spin, this adds a level of excitement to playing the free spins bonus rounds and can return some large winning payouts.

Slots That Let You Pick Your Own Multiplier

Pick a Multiplier Free Spin SlotsAs free spin slot progress and advance new features are always being added to how they work and operate, and the latest feature that you will now find on some free spin slot game is the ability for players to Pick a Multiplier on which their free spins will all play out on.

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