Action is your turnover during any gambling session

Many online casinos will reward you with cash or bonus credits depending on how much action you give the casino during one or more of your gambling sessions. They do this via a casino comps system which is a type of loyalty scheme and in simple terms these schemes reward you with extra benefits based on your action so the more you play the more you will be given!

The action is the combined amount of money you gamble when in any one session and will often be much more than your bankroll, as when you play any casino game you will get winning hands or winning reel spins (on slots) appearing and this extra cash will, if you continue to play increase your turnover of cash at the tables or slot machines.

In fact you will often find yourself giving a casino a huge amount of action even on a modest deposit should you be lucky enough to get yourself onto a winning streak, and a savvy player is one who recognizes these streaks and puts in place a good money management system that will allow them to cash out or make a withdrawal at the right time to lock in a profit whilst at the same time accumulating lots of free cash via the casino comps.

An online casino will work out your action based solely on the amount of money you have wagered during any one session and not the amount you deposited, and both winning and losing wagers whether it is on slot machines, video poker games or card or table games will be taken into account as the action you have given.

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How to get more action from your bankroll

One way to increase the action you give an online casino is by utilizing one or more of the casino bonuses offered by these sites as these bonuses will increase your initial deposit amount and therefore give you more money with which to gamble.

The casino games you are playing will also have a direct effect of the action you give a casino, as each game offers a different house edge or return to player payout percentage and by carefully picking those which offer the best pay backs and payouts you should get longer sessions playing these better paying casino games.

Video Poker games in general offer the best returns as opposed to say Keno or Scratch Card games, and when playing online slots you will soon discover that these games have each got a unique payout percentage depending on which ones you play, so for the best ones you will have to do some research tracking them down.

Always try and avoid playing games which offer the lowest pay backs as this will cost you money over time, and by only playing the games with the best pay backs and payouts not only will you get extended playing sessions but you will also get the maximum value for money and entertainment value from your online gaming budget.

So to conclude, when you are working out how much action you have given any casino simply add up how many games you have played in total during your session and then multiply it by the stake level you were playing these games at and that is your action!

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