A look at the different types of casino bonuses

One thing that you are going to get offered plenty of when you play at an online casino is casino bonuses, however these come in many different guises and it can often pay dividends to fully understand each different type of casino bonus before you jump in and start claiming them.

Below you are going to find a listing of the most common and not so common casino bonus types that are offered by all online casinos, so give them a good read through to get a better understanding of what each one does and how you may benefit from accepting them.

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Cashable casino bonuses

A Cashable casino bonus gives you the best value as this type of casino bonus will be credited to your casino account instantly or soon after you have claimed it and then once you have completed the play through requirements attached to the bonus then you may withdraw the entire balance of your account.

Sticky casino bonuses

A rather rare and lesser seen casino bonus is known as a Sticky casino bonus, these are credited to your account once you claim them and then once you have made the play through requirements attached to the bonus you may withdraw only the winnings you have accumulated, the bonus however will remain in your account and you can then continue to play with the bonus (and keep the winnings) until such a time as you lose it!

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Phantom casino bonuses

A Phantom casino bonus is one which is credited to your casino account as normal after you have claimed it, however when you have made the play through requirements and requested a withdrawal then the amount of the bonus is removed from your cash out. So they can never be withdrawn only used to hopefully increase your bankroll, however they can and do increase your chances of a winning session.

Post Wager casino bonuses

A select number of online casinos will offer you what is known as a Post Wager bonus. You will often need to claim these before you start to play, however they will only be credited to your casino account after you have made the required accumulative number of wagers to be awarded the bonus. But once they are added to your account you are then free to withdraw them instantly along with any winning you have acquired.

Clear Play casino bonuses

The easiest casino bonus to keep track of is the Clear Play casino bonus. Your casino account balance is made up of three separate parts, the first is the cash balance, the second part is the bonus balance and the third is the total balance. The cash balance is always yours to cash out, the bonus balance is the amount of casino bonus that still has a play through amount attached to it and the total balance is the combined total of the cash and bonus balances.

Once you make the play through requirements on the bonus balance this is then transferred into your cash balance and can be cashed out. This bonus balance is transferred in batches of usually 10.00 at a time into your cash balance once you have made the play through, and therefore you always know where you stand and how much is available to be cashed out and withdrawn!

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