Learn all there is to know about casino comps

The main similarity between a land based casino and an online casino is that they both want your action! With competition between both sectors of the gambling industry at an all time high both types of gambling establishments are bestowing on players a wide range of value for money offers and promotions to entice you to play.

The most common way to allow you to benefit from playing any of their casino games is by them offering a generous form of loyalty scheme and they do this by their casino comp clubs, by becoming a member of these clubs you will earn yourself a set amount of comp points every time you place a wager on any or all of their games.

Irrespective of whether your wager wins or loses you are allocated a set number of comp points based solely on the amount you wagered, and these points will accumulate as you play more and more. Once you have saved up enough comp points you can then redeem them for free casino chips.

Many online casinos in particular have a multi level comp club and as you accumulate more and more comp points you will rise through the ranks of their comp club and will ultimately benefit from a higher and enhanced comp point redemption limit which in effect rewards loyal, regular players with more free chips for their comp points.

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Other benefits of joining a casino comp club

There are several other benefits of joining a casino comp club, some will give you tailor made bonus offers sent weekly or monthly and the value of these bonuses are based on your level achieved in their comp club, so if you are a regular player then you will find they offer you some very generous bonuses.

Little freebies are often bestowed on you from time to time, namely on your birthday or at Christmas time, plus when a new casino slot game is released they usually flip you some free spins to allow you to put these games through their paces.

Also, should you have been having a bad run of luck playing their casino games then you will often find that by contacting the casino customer support and alerting them to this fact the casino will throw you a free bonus to keep you happy and hopefully turn your luck around!

To keep your position in their comp club you will of course have to be a regular and loyal player, and the more you play the more you stand to get by way of extras, so rather than keep jumping from casino to casino try playing at just a select few and the benefits will start to flow your way!

It is also worth pointing out that some online casinos namely those that are part of a group will let you pool your comp points from each of their venues so should you like to play at different sites then this is a great way to amass points and cash them in much quicker.

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