Casino game house edge

The way a casino will make money from their range of casino games is that each game has a built in house edge. This house edge varies from game to game and the mathematics behind this figure is decided by working out what a complete game cycle of reel spins (in the case of slot machines) or hands dealt (in video poker and card games) will bring in to the casino and then deducting the payouts of this game cycle.

The figure that is left after taking into account the stakes wagered and the payouts paid out will then be depicted by a percentage. For players the best games to play are those that offer the lowest casino house edge, as these games offer a better long term return that those with a higher house edge.

More often than not a novice player will be blissfully unaware of the different house edges on offer on each casino game and will just start playing any old game, which will ultimately end up costing them dear and could see them busting out their bankroll much quicker.

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Casino games with the lowest house edge

With so many different variations of casino games available it can take quite a while for players to track down the games which offer the lowest house edge, so to save you a lot of time and effort below are the lowest house edge games available at some of the leading online casinos which are powered by the main online casino software companies.

Use the information below wisely to enable you to play the lowest house edge games, and however tempting a new casino game or slot machine may look it is ultimately the house edge and/or payout percentage and not the features offered that makes that game a good one to play.

We should point out however that to ensure you get the lowest house edge you will need to be playing optimum strategy when playing any casino game online, if you do not play correctly then you will end up increasing the casinos house edge, so learn the game inside out before you start to play!

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Microgaming games with the lowest house edge

If you choose to play at a Microgaming powered casino then games which offer the lowest house edge include Classic Blackjack which has a house edge of 0.13% and All Aces Video Poker which has a payout percentage of 99.92%.

Real Time Gaming games with the lowest house edge

Some Real Time Gaming powered sites offer the game of Blackjack Surrender and where offered this game should be the blackjack game you play as it offers a house edge of just 0.49%. The Jacks or Better video poker game has a payout percentage of 99.54%.

Vegas Technology games with the lowest house edge

The Perfect Pairs Blackjack game offered by Vegas Technology has a fairly low house edge of just 0.35% and if you like playing video poker then their The Jacks or Better video poker game has a payout percentage of 99.54%.

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