Slot playing hints and tips

As you trawl the web looking for slot machine playing hints and tips you are going to come across all manner of weird and wonderful claims on how you can guarantee a jackpot win by paying for some unbeatable slot system.

Any one with an once of common sense will know that due to the random nature of slot games and how they work and operate there is no sure fire way to win when playing slots either online or offline, but what there are a few ways to improve your game play by following a few common sense tips.

So we have compiled a list of some of the best slot playing hints and tips and listed them below as we say we cannot guarantee you will win but we guarantee you will increase your chances of possibly winning when you follow them and put them into play.

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Easy to use and understand slot tips

1. All slot machines come with a preset payout percentage, this has a direct effect on the pay backs and payout of that particular machine, irrespective of whether a slot game has lots of player features or exciting bonus rounds the one thing you should seek out is those offering the highest payout percentage, so stick to play those that offer payouts in the 99% range, play anything else and you are throwing your money away.

2. The addition of casino bonuses will of course enhance your game play and give you a longer session, but many casino bonuses have very strict rules and terms and conditions attached to them, which can often include a maximum amount you can withdraw when using such bonuses, if you are tempted to play slots with any form of casino bonus make sure there is no maximum cash out amount attached to the as they can cost you dearly if you win big.

3. Playing maximum lines on video slots and reel slot with more than one payline is often the secret to ensuring you get the maximum payouts and pay backs when playing these casino games, so should a slot have 3, 15 or even 25 paylines make sure you play them all to ensure you never miss a winning opportunity.

4. Many people seem to think that a new slot game is set to play out at higher payout percentages, this may be true in land based casinos but online the payouts are set in stone before they are launch and then never changed or tampered with, however some casino software companies will have a multiple range of payout percentages their slots can be set too.

5. If you like playing progressive slot machines then the best tip we can offer you is to only ever consider playing them when you see the current live progressive jackpot is higher than the amount at which it usually pays out at. Playing when the jackpot is low means there is very little chance of you hitting and therefore winning it.

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