How Slots Work

It can often be a little intimidating if you are new to the world of playing slot games online, but there is nothing to fear from moving your slot play into the online environment, in fact a lot of extra value can be gained by doing just that!

To enable you to master the art of playing slot games online we have put together some helpful and informative "how slots work" type articles and guides that will help you understand how these casino games work and operate and also help you find several that will appeal to your style of play.

We cordially invite you to check out any of the following how slots work guides listed below which have been compiled in plain English using no terms and sayings you will not be familiar with and therefore they won't have you scratching your head wondering what on earth they are about!

The Play Check and Autoplay Facility

Fair Slot GamesThe first feature that you will find on all of the slot games featured on our website is the Play Check facility, this allows you to check up on any previously played slot session you have made, and this allows you to review any spin made and also see all of your play history.

Slot Game AutoplayOne handy feature that you may opt to use is the optional Autoplay setting which allows you to preset any number of spins and the stake levels you want to play then sit back and watch the slot game play itself, it is handy when you need to nip to the loo or simply want to make yourself a coffee!

Wild Symbols and Respin Features Explained

Wild Symbols ExplainedOne of the more adventurous slot machine symbols is the Wild symbol and over the last few years this symbol has been given more and more different uses, we have listed what these features are and on what slots you will find them in our Wild Symbols Explained section of our website.

Fruit MachinesA new feature that has just made an appearance on online slots is the Respin Feature, this gives you the chance of spinning just one of the reels in the hope that you can spin in a large paying winning combination, the cost of the respin varies depending on the odds of hitting a new winning combination.

Multi Player Slot Games

A new breed of online slot game has recently been introduced and these are the community style slots, on which you play with fellow players and enables you to all win and trigger the slot games bonus feature round all at the same time, find out more about these fun to play Multi Player Slots.

Scatter Symbols Explained

Scatter Symbols ExplainedA slot game symbol that has various uses is the Scatter symbol and these will either trigger a bonus feature round or a winning payout when they appear anywhere in view, find out which slots offer them and how they work in our Scatter Symbols Explained slot playing guide.

Slot Game Gamble Feature

Gamble Feature GamesAnother optional playing feature found on several online slot games is the Gamble Feature, this offers you the ability to risk any winning spin that you achieved on the payline or paylines on either a 50/50 double or nothing gamble or some slots offer you the chance of quadrupling any winning spin.

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