Slot Game Scatter Symbols

There are several symbols found on online slot game reels that have different uses and one of these is the Scatter symbol, which is found on an ever growing number of video slot games.

A basic Scatter symbol will reward you with a cash payout once you get the minimum required number of them to trigger a payout, however unlike standard reel symbols they can appear anywhere in view and trigger this payout, so if you can see them and you have the required number of them in view then you will be awarded a cash win.

Some Scatter symbols can award bonus rounds such as free spins, they can also additionally award a cash prize. The paytable is where you will find how many of these Scatter symbols you need anywhere in view to trigger the bonus rounds.

Often Scatter symbols need to spin in on adjacent reels to trigger a bonus round and/or payout and some need to be consecutive on activated paylines. Below is a selection of slot games playable at any of our featured online casinos who have various different Scatter symbols in use.

Slot Games With The Scatter Symbol

Blackjack Bonanza High Life Slot

The Blackjack Bonanza Slot is one of only a small number of Classic slot games that comes with a Scatter symbol, get three of the Jack symbols in view and you are a winner, get three of them on the payline and you will win the jackpot!

The High Life Slot is a 5 reel, 5 payline slot game which makes it fairly rare and this one can see you triggering a free spins bonus game whenever you spin in three or more of the Scatter symbols anywhere in view

Carnaval Slot Vinyl Countdown Slot

With no bonus games in play the Carnaval Slot offers a simple video slot playing format which comes with a Scatter symbol in use to ensure you get plenty of additional winning opportunities, nine optional paylines are offered on this slot.

The Vinyl Countdown Slot is another excellent yet easy to play 9 line slot which comes with a Scatter symbol which whilst it does not award any bonus feature rounds these Scatter symbols do drop in regularly and therein lies your chance of plenty of winning payouts.

Cash a Pillar SlotVoila Slot

If playing a slot game that not only has 100 paylines available but one that also has a free spins round triggered for spinning in at least three Scatter symbols is something you fancy giving a try then the game to head too is the excellent Cash a Pillar Slot.

The Voila Slot game offers a massive 243 paylines and get three Scatters anywhere in view and you can then sit back and watch the free spins bonus game play out!

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