Wild Symbols Explained

One reel symbol you are sure to come across when you play slots online is the Standard Wild symbol, this can have several additional uses but the most common use of a Wild symbol is to stand in for any other reel symbol (but generally not the Scatter or Bonus symbols) and therefore it can help complete otherwise losing combinations and turn them into winning ones.

Sometime a Wild symbol is classed as a Wild Multiplier and as well as standing in for any other reel symbol it will also increase the value of any winning combination that is helps to complete by a multiple of that win, the details of how much the win is multiplied by will be found on the respective slot games pay table.

Another Wild symbol you will come across is an Expanding Wild, and whenever this special symbol spins in on one of the reels it will expand to cover all positions on the reel it spun in on, thus allowing for multiple winning combinations.

A Stacked Wild is a group of Wild symbols one of top of each other on the reel strips, and these could, when they spin in a certain way, cover all the positions visible on any one reel.

One of the new uses for a Wild symbol is as a Random Wild, and this will turn any one or more of the standard symbols into a Wild one completely at random. Another new Wild symbol is the Trailing Wild, this symbol can and does leave a trail when it spins in and all symbols in this trail then also become wild symbols.

Slot Games With Wild Symbols

Astronomical Slot City of Gold

A Classic slot game which features a Wild symbol which doubles up as a Wild Multiplier is the Astronomical Slot, one of the easiest slot games to play and one that boasts an above average payout percentage, you will get plenty of action when you play it.

All that glitters is not gold, but it is gold you will be seeking when you sit down to play this no nonsense slot game which has been around for years, and delivers a really fast paced playing style. The City of Gold Slot may just have one payline but thanks to its Wild Multiplier symbol you can win yourself some very sizeable payouts, get one of these symbols in a winning combination and that will win be instantly doubled, get two of them helping to complete a pay line win and that win will be boosted by four times it normal value, get three of these little beauties and you are in the money as that is the key to the jackpot payout that awards 800 coins for a one coin spin and 1600 coins for a two coin spin!

Adventure Palace Slot Big Top Slot

The lure of the hidden palace and its fortune in gold and silver is what will keep you playing this excellent video bonus slot which not only has a Wild Multiplier symbol in play but also boasts a free spins bonus game on which you will win once triggered, 15 free spins on a x3 multiplier, form an orderly queue to play the Adventure Palace Slot!

Come and experience the most wacky Circus in town, a fun to play yet simple to master video slot with a Wild symbol to help increase the winning combinations you could be laughing all the way to the bank if you give the Big Top Slot a try which is available to play for free or for real money, hours of fun and games are assured.

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