Most Played Video Slots

When you first make the switch from playing 3 reel slots to video slots you will soon discover they offer a completely different playing style and thanks to features such as bonus games, free spin rounds, animated reel symbols and sampled sounds they are very player friendly.

With hundreds of different video slots available to play you will have plenty of fun and games trying them all out, below we have highlighted a few of the most played video slots, check them out as they are very playable and offer plenty of slot spinning action.

Most Popular Video Slots

Dino Might Slot Game Dragon's Loot Slot Game

These dinosaurs are hiding a mighty stash of cash and it could all be yours if you spin the reels right in this exciting 5 reel slot. You need a touch of Dino Might to help you along in this game, but there's nothing to blow away here, just a tropical treasure trove to be found amongst the prehistoric plant life.

Do you have what it takes to be a mighty dragon slayer ?  There's a winged beast  abroad in the land and only you can defeat him in this 5 reel slot.   Slay the scaly creature and there's a prize waiting , the Dragon's Loot could all be yours.

First Past The Post Slot Game Flight Zone Slot Game

The hats are big, the champagne is popping and the odds are climbing. Everyone is hoping that their horse will be First Past The Post in this exciting 5 reel slot. Will you race to the finish line and claim the jackpot for your own ?

Take to the skies in this thrilling 5 reel slot. Stealth bombers, helicopters or jet fighters, whatever you're flying you're entering the Flight Zone and your mission is to bring home the jackpot. The aircraft are big, but the prize is bigger, remember the sky's the limit !

Gift Rap Slot Game Harveys Slot Game

Let's grab those gifts and parcel them up. There's wrapping to be done so sing it up. The elves are in tune and teddy's got the beat. This 5 reel slot is a funky Christmas treat. Go play Gift Rap, win it big, take home the booty, give a little jig.

Only the richest can eat at Harveys, and there's a table booked for you in this gourmet 5 reel slot. The champagne is chilled, the escargots are exquisite, the desserts delicious and the coffee is richly roasted. Take your seat and spin the reels, a feast awaits you.

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