Online Slot Tournaments

When you are looking to play slot games online but in a cost effective way then one way you can achieve this is by taking part in online slot tournaments which can and do offer you the chance of winning a modest or even substantial sums of money either for free or for a small one off charge.

An online slot tournament requires no skill, just lots of luck and these are simply online slot playing competitions whereby a prize is offered for the player or players who manage to win the most when playing slots with in a certain time frame.

There are many different types of slot tournaments available to play online and below we have a selection of the most popular ones and will let you know how they work and operate and will showcase a range of online casinos where you can play them. For additional information follow the relevant links below where a wealth of valuable slot tournament playing information can be found.

Sit and Go and Survivor Slot Tournaments

Sit n Go Slot TournamentsThe easiest slot tournaments to play in are the Sit n Go Slot Tournaments as these have no set starting time, players simply need to register to take part in them and once the required number of players have entered then the slot tournament will start.

Survivor Slot TournamentsOne of the newest types of slot tournaments which you can play online are the Survivor Slot Tournaments the aim of entering these kinds of tournaments are for you to finish the competition by being the last man or woman standing, and these can offer a decent sized prize to that lucky player.

Free Roll and One Shot Slot Tournaments

Freeroll Slot TournamentsFor those of you who are seeking the ultimate value from slot playing then allow us to introduce the Freeroll Slot Tournaments, these are completely free of charge to enter and as such you could win a real money prize for no initial outlay or entry fee.

One Shot Slot TournamentsAnother relatively new concept in online slot tournaments are the One Shot Slot Tournaments, these allow you one chance to play and you are tasked with simply trying to win more than all of your fellow players, get yourself to the top of the tournament leader board and you are the top prize winner.

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Monthly Slot Tournaments

Monthly Slot TournamantsSome of the biggest prizes offered are those found in the Monthly Slot Tournaments, these run throughout the month and you can take part in them at any time. Due to them running over the month the number of entrants and the prize pools offered can and do reach some dizzy heights!

Weekender Slot Tournaments

Weekender Slot TournamantsMost people will only have spare time to play slot games on a Saturday or Sunday and this is when you will find the aptly named Weekender Slot Tournaments up and running, just log on and take part at any time over the weekend to stake your claim at the top prize.

Guaranteed Slot Tournaments

Guaranteed Slot TournamantsSome online slot tournaments have prize pools that are based on the number of entrants, however when you play in Guaranteed Slot Tournaments the prizes offered have a guaranteed minimum amount, and this can often be a fair sized amount of cash payable to those who finish on the leader board.

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