Bonus Game Slots

The main advantage of playing video slot games as opposed to 3 reel slots is that they can and do offer you the ability to trigger and play additional bonus games, these come in all shapes and sizes and in this section of the website we shall take a look at the different bonus games you can be awarded on a range of video slot games.

There are dozens of different kinds of bonus games found on todays modern video slots however the majority of them will fall into one of the categories we have listed below, should you wish to find a range of slots that offer any of these bonus game features then simply follow the links and we will showcase to you some of the best slots with those bonus feature rounds built into them.

To enable you to find a top of the range online casino at which to play any of the bonus game slots we have also included a selection of our hand picked slot sites which will let you play any of the bonus game slots for free or you may prefer to play for real and take advantage of some excellent casino welcome bonus offers.

Slots That Award Pick 'em and Wheel Spin Rounds

Pick 'Em Bonus SlotsOne of the more basic types of bonus games are found on the Pick 'Em Bonus Slots and as the name suggests these offer you, once you have spun in the required number of bonus or scatter symbols a simple picking styled game where you simply pick items off the screen to reveal your prize.

Wheel Spin Bonus SlotsOne bonus feature that is found on both 3 reel slots and also video slot games is the spin the wheel type feature round, there are many of these kinds of slots and we have listed them all in our Wheel Spin Bonus Slots section of the website, so take a look if you want to learn more about them.

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Click To Win and Racing Game Bonus Rounds

Click to Win Bonus SlotsAnother bonus feature and one that is similar to the Pick 'Em feature mentioned above can be found on the Click to Win Bonus Slots, once you trigger the bonus feature on these kinds of slot games you can keep on picking items off the screen and winning cash until you reveal a stop or similar type of symbol.

Racing Game Bonus SlotsSome slot games will let you take part in a racing type bonus feature round, here you will have to pick a horse, car or similar and then you will sit back and watch a race play out, depending on where your chosen selection finishes will determine how much you win, checkout our Racing Game Bonus Slots.

Slots That Award Cash Ladder Bonus Rounds

Cash Ladder Bonus SlotsMany of the AWP slot games which are basically UK Fruit Machines offer you what is known as a Cash Ladder bonus round, here you have to click the stop button to reveal which prize on the ladder you have won, these can offer some large payouts and these are listed in our Cash Ladder Bonus Slots section.

Slots That Award Board Game Bonus Rounds

Board Game Bonus SlotsYou will also find a range of slot games that can award you with a board game type bonus round, and this will have you working your way around a board and as you do so you will be earning bigger and better cash prizes, nudges or additional playing features take a look at our Board Game Bonus Slots.

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for the real money slots player the Blackjack Ballroom Casino is a safe bet.

Slots That Award Bowling Game Bonus Rounds

Bowling Game Bonus SlotsOne of the more rarer types of bonus games are the Bowling game feature rounds, here you get to lob a ball down an alley in the hope of winning yourself a decent sized payout for knocking over some form of skittle, more details on these games can be located in our Bowling Game Bonus Slots section.

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