Slot Game Series

When a slot game first appears online it can often be compared to Marmite, in as much as you either love it or hate it, however some slots prove to be an instant hit and these kinds of slots are the type that players will return too time and time again thanks to how they play and pay.

When a slot has proved to be a hit with players then it isn't usually very long before the software company behind this game decides to bring out a revamped version of the slot and will make small changes to the way the game plays and also make minor or major adjustments to the bonus features it offers and will then relaunch the new version as part of a slot series.

Their are many types of slot games that are now part of a slot series and below we have put together a listing of some of the better examples. For more information on them simply follow the links and we will show you what these slot series consist of and where you can play them online.

Sneak a Peek and Break Da Bank Slot Series

Sneak a Peek Slot SeriesThe Sneak a Peek Slot Series currently consists of three different games which all have a rather saucy bonus game where you have to pick items off the screen which hopefully will enable you to strip off a Hunky Hero, a Doctor or even a rather good looking female astronaut!

Break Da Bank Slot SeriesOne of the most volatile 3 reel slot games you can play online is the Break Da Bank slot which comes with wild multipliers, and this slot proved so popular that Microgaming launched a revamped version which is presented in a video slot format, checkout the excellent Break Da Bank Slot Series.

Lots a Loot and Major Millions Slot Series

Lots a Loot Slot SeriesOne of the low stake progressive slot games is the Lots a Loot slot machine which has recently been given a makeover and you can now play it as a classic slot game or as a more advanced video slot game, both share the same progressive jackpot and we have them featured in our Lots a Loot Slot Series.

Major Millions Slot SeriesAnother progressive slot that originally started life as a classic slot and is now available in three different formats is the Major Millions slot game and should you be looking for a huge ever rising jackpot then take a look at these three slots which are featured in our Major Millions Slot Series.

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Cash Splash Slot Series

Cash Splash Slot SeriesMore players have won a large jackpot whilst playing the Cash Splash slot game than any other progressive game online, this slot has been online since the early days of online gambling and offers plenty of player appeal, take a look at the revamped versions in our Cash Splash Slot Series section of the website.

Big Kahuna Slot Game Series

Big Kahuna Slot SeriesOne of the very first bonus video slots to appear online was the Big Kahuna slot game and this was recently given a remarkable make over which saw the addition of a special bonus feature round based on the classic game of snakes and ladder, check both versions of this slot out in our Big Kahuna Slot Series.

Mega Spin Slot Series

Mega Spin Slot SeriesIf playing just one slot spin per game is not enough then you should consider giving the Mega Spin slots a try, these are revamped versions of some all time classic slots that let you play multiple games on each spin you make take a look over these fun slot games via our Mega Spin Slot Series.

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