Slot Game Types

When you first discover the exciting world of online slot game playing you can often be overwhelmed with the sheer number of different types of slots that are available to play, and this can often cause you delays in finding one that suits your playing style.

If you were to play every single slot game online then you would probably spend days giving them all a whirl, so to help you find one or more that will appeal directly to how you like to play slots we have categorized all online slots into six different slot game types.

Below you will find these slot game type groupings and if you follow the links we will present to you some of the most popular slots in that grouping, we base the slots listed on how well they play, the payout percentages and pay tables offered, and present to you slots that offer you the ability to alter and adjust the stake levels which will help you play with-in your slot playing budget.

You will also find a selection of online slot sites and online casinos where you can play each type of slot game along with details of what these venues are offering you in terms of welcome bonuses, and as you will soon discover there are some extremely generous bonuses currently up for grabs which will give you even more ammunition to play your favourite types of slot game.

The majority of the slot games listed can be played for free at the sites listed and this will enable you to test out these slots in free play mode and let you see if they are of the quality you are demanding, and to ensure fair play all of the free play versions play and pay in exactly the same way as the real money versions.

Classic and 3 Reel Slot Game Types

Classic SlotsMany players prefer to play online slots that whilst not offering any form of bonus features they instead offer a simple paying style, these are the Classic Slots which, when the reels start to spin your way can give you some modest or even extremely large winning payout combinations.

3 Reel SlotsSlightly more advanced than the Classic slot games the 3 Reel Slots can give you more than one single payline to play on each spin, and a few of them come with basic yet often rewarding bonus games. Take a look at some of those we have listed as they are quite easy to play and offer plenty of entertainment value.

Video and Fruit Machine Slot Game Types

Video SlotsThe Video Slots offer players much more excitement that the standard Classic and 3 Reel slots due to them offering many different, optional paylines often on which you can wager more than one coin per spin and of course they offer you additional bonus feature rounds that can trigger as you play the base game.

Fruit MachinesFruit Machines are also available to play online, and unlike their land based equivalents the online variety offer much high payouts and larger payout percentages. But they share the same game play features like holds and nudges and offer all manner of regularly triggering bonus rounds and features.

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Progressive Slot Game Types

Progressive SlotsThe lure of a massive jackpot payout is what attracts many players to play Progressives, and whilst they can and do offer the chance of a large win many of them can be played for very modest stakes. We have listed many of the popular Progressive slots which come in all different shapes, sizes and themes.

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read the zodiac casino review and high rollers play at the new luxury casino

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Allway Slot Game Types

Allway SlotsThe next generation of slot games are the Allway Slots, and unlike other video slots these particular ones let you cover ever single payline you can see on the screen, therefore ensuring you get plenty of winning opportunities, and for added winning potential they also come with plenty of varied bonus feature rounds.

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