3 Reel Slot Games

Whilst on the face of it many 3 Reel slot games may appear quite basic when comparing them to the more modern video slot games, but they do offer a simple playing style that many players prefer whenever they sit down to play.

All 3 Reel slots will comes with a unique look, feel and theme and with varied jackpots available which can trigger at any time they are quite popular with both novice and experienced players who are looking to play slots.

All of the online casinos featured throughout our website carry a full compliment of 3 Reel slots which can be played for free or on various stake levels and with payout percentages much higher than those found in a land based casinos you will be getting maximum value by moving your slot play online.

Below we have listed just a tiny amount of the 3 Reel slot games you will come across whenever you opt to play slots online and as you can see they come in many different guises, when you next play slots online try checking out the often forgotten 3 Reel slots as they can be great fun to play.

3 Reel Slots With the Biggest Jackpots

Fairy Ring Slot

The Fairy Ring Slot is a 3 Reel slot game and this one has not only a Wild symbol in play but you can opt to play it with three different paylines activated on each spin you make. Hit the jackpot on payline number three and you will be rewarded with a payout worth some 5000 coins, the stake levels are fully adjustable.

Flower Power Slot

The Flower Power Slot is very similar too the above 3 Reel slot game in as much as you can play three paylines on its 3 Reels on each spin you make. The top prize payout on this slot is also a generous 5000 coins and it comes with a very unique 1960's Hippy theme running through out it!

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Fruit Salad Slot

The Fruit Salad Slot game is one of the more colorful 3 Reel slot games which can be found in the Microgaming software gaming suite of slot games, this one allows you to set the slot to play itself via the Autoplay setting. The stake levels are of course fully adjustable and you can also play it for free at any casino listed.

Heavy Metal Slot

The Heavy Metal Slot has 3 reels and if you opt to play this 3 Reel slot then it pays to play it with all of its 3 paylines activated, the reason for this is that the jackpot for all line three top prize payouts is enhanced and this gives you the maximum pay backs when playing. With 4000 coins available to win you should always play maximum bet wagers.

Jewel Thief Slot

The Jewel Thief Slot offers a large 6000 coin jackpot and this slot is also a 3 Reel, 3 payline slot available at all of our showcased Microgaming powered online casinos. A good looking slot with an above average payout percentage, it promises to deliver and also does give you plenty of slot spinning action.

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