Classic Slot Games

The very first slot machines were all Classic slots, which is the description given to any slot game whether an online or land based one, which offers you three reels and just the one single payline. There have been hundreds of them produced and released online over the years.

Classic slots appeal to players who like nice and simple to play slot games without any of the extra features that the majority of slot games all have attached to them these days, and as such playing Classic slots can be a fast and furious way of playing slots as they have no bonus rounds or features that slow the game down.

One of the major advantages of playing Classic slots is that you soon know your fete, and thanks to the very high payout percentages and generous pay tables on these kinds of slot games you will be receiving more than a sporting chance of a winning session.

To allow you to track down one or more Classic slot games to play online we have compiled a listing of some of the best ones available, these are found below along with details of some online casinos who each have these game ready to play via their download casino software, feel free to check them out they are some of the top places to play slots online.

Classic Slots With the Biggest Jackpots

Triple Magic Slot

The Triple Magic Slot is a very easy to play Classic slot which allows you to play with one or two coins in play per spin and the jackpot is a modest 800 coins for a single line spin or 1600 coins should you be playing for 2 coins per spin. It also comes with a Wild Multiplier which helps increase the value of winning combinations containing the Wild symbol.

Spectacular Slot

The Spectacular Slot is another Classic slot game but this one comes with a much healthier jackpot than the above slot game, play each spin with one coin per line and then line up those jackpot symbols and 2000 coins will be all yours, however for the best payouts make a 2 coin spin as the jackpot on this wager is an enhanced 5000 coins.

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Sonic Boom Slot

The Sonic Boom Slot is another fast paced Classic slot game which can also be played for one or two coins per spin, the jackpot on this easy to play slot is a more modest 1200 coins for a single coin spin or 5000 coins is up for grabs if you hit the jackpot on the maximum 2 coin spin.

Big 5 Slot

The Big 5 Slot is a basic Classic slot machine which has no Wild symbols, just a simple game playing structure. This slot however lets you play with up to three coins in play on its single paylines and a one coin jackpot returns 800 coins, a 2 coin jackpot pays 1600 coins and the maximum 3 coins spin jackpot is worth a cool 2400 coins.

Chiefs Magic Slot

The Chief's Magic Slot is another single line Classic slot, the coin values are adjustable to suit your bankroll and pocket and it boasts a jackpot of 150 coins for a single coin spin, 300 coins for a two coin spin and 600 coins for a three coin spin, the jackpots are low but they do hit very regularly.

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